Signs of Good Feeding

By Krista Gray, IBCLC. Last updated August 2, 2017.

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There is not one “perfect” way to attach a baby to the breast.  Different positions work for different babies.  Finding what works for you is key.  There are signs of good feeding to look for, though, to ensure your baby is feeding well at the breast.

A good latch includes the following:

  • Wide, opened mouth
  • Flared lips
  • Deep latch with chin firmly against breast
  • Nose free to breathe without having to move breast tissue away

Signs of good feeding – that baby is drinking milk:

  • Rhythmically takes long sucks and swallows
  • Pattern may change as he pauses sometimes but he should not slip off
  • Audible swallowing after milk ejection reflex
  • Relaxed arms and hands
  • Baby finishes the feed and comes off the breast on his own
  • Shape of the nipple at the end of feed should be round – not flattened