Reasons to Breastfeed from A to Z

By admin. Last updated July 28, 2013.


Here are 26 great reasons to breastfeed, from A – Z!

A – Always available

B – Bonding with your baby is precious

C – Colostrum is nature’s most perfect food for babies

D – Dental cavities are reduced while proper palate formation is encouraged

E – Environmentally-friendly

F – Free and fresh

G – Gut health is greatly aided as proper time can be given for baby’s gut to mature

H – Health is improved and healthcare costs are drastically reduced, for life

I – IQs are an average 10 points higher in breastfed babies

J – Jaundice risk is lowered

K – Kangaroo Mother Care promotes bonding and milk supply

L – Less constipation

M – Micronutrients ensure optimum development of baby’s growth

N – Natural; and nighttime parenting is made easier!

O – Organic; and milk is always there

P – Packaging not required – it’s one less thing to have to put in the diaper bag

Q – Quick and easy – no need to mix formula, clean bottles, package for transport, etc.

R – Relactation is possible!  The body is amazing.

S – Saves money – not just in buying formula now; but in healthcare costs for life

T – Temperature is warm; taste is sweet like honey, always ready for baby to drink

U – Use of breastfeeding reduces some cancers in both mom and baby

V – Vitamins are in the perfect quantity for baby’s needs

W – Weight loss plan for moms, even while eating more food!

X – “xactly” what baby needs!!

Y – Yummy! Breast milk flavors change with maternal diet allowing for great variety in tastes to develop

Z – ZZZs! Research shows breastfeeding moms actually get more sleep than their formula-feeding counterparts.

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