Getting Out with Nursing Twins

By Krista Gray, IBCLC. Last updated March 3, 2013.

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Having one new baby can be challenging enough to get out and go, but 2 or more can be absolutely overwhelming!  Here are 5 tips to make outings with twins easier.

  1.  Downsize your diaper bag. 
    You already have 2 (or more) babies to hold so carrying a large diaper bag is not feasible.  If you are breastfeeding, you won’t need to pack bottles, formula, etc.  Use the space to pack a change of clothes (since they are the same size you can just pack one for emergencies), a couple diapers and wipes (quantity depends on length of outing), perhaps a burp cloth or light blanket (that can also double for a nursing cover), and a bottle of water for you.  Instead of packing a separate purse for you, slip your wallet, lipstick, etc. in the diaper bag so you only have one bag to keep up with.
  2. Get a sling. . . or two. 
    Slinging at least one of your babies will keep you from having to lug around a large, bulky double stroller.  It allows you to hold a fussy baby close or nurse discreetly.  If your babies are small you could sling them together in one sling.  As they grow, you can hold them each in a sling.  Once they are too big to hold at the same time, alternate which baby you sling.
  3. Have extra supplies in your car. 
    Keep extra diapers, wipes, and change of clothes in your car.  That way, if you forgot to put extra items in your diaper bag you have another stash to pull from.
  4. Nurse babies before leaving. 
    Nursing twins gracefully in public is definitely more challenging than a singleton.  By nursing them right before leaving, you will (hopefully) be able to have a happier baby while you are out and more time to nurse one and then the other so that if you aren’t comfortable nursing both at the same time they are not crying while they wait.
  5. Watch for early feeding cues and plan places to nurse. 
    Waiting until your babies are hungry and fussing will make nursing them in public much more challenging.  Make sure to think through your outing beforehand and tentatively plan when and where you will be able to nurse your babies.  Watching for your baby’s early feeding cues is important!