ULMas Breast Pads – Review and GIVEAWAY!


ULMas LogoAre you an Undercover Leaky Momma? “What’s that?!” you ask.  Do you wear breast pads while breastfeeding?  If you do, then you are seriously going to love ULMas Breast Pads.  Washable and reusable, these breast pads are the best I’ve found on the market.  Here’s why I love this product, and why I think you will too:

  • They absorb. A lot.
    Most washable breast pads can’t hold anywhere near the amount of disposables.  Not ULMas; I’d put them up against any disposable for as much as they can absorb.
  • Wicks away moisture so you feel dry.
    ULMas are made of performance fabric so that your skin stays dry even while your breast pad is absorbing milk that leaks.  There’s another added bonus to this fabric – they dry very quickly after washing.
  • You don’t look like a deer in headlights flashing a sign a saying, “Yes, I’m wearing breast pads!”
    These are thin, like a disposable, so you don’t have the “ring” around your breasts that everyone sees and knows, “Oh, she’s wearing breast pads.”
  • Fun designs
    I love the bright, fun prints.  I know this has nothing to do with absorbency but isn’t it nice to feel happy about what you put on?  And, let’s face it, a lot of us new mamas aren’t putting on fancy clothes each day so having cute breast pads is all the more exciting.
  • Helps the environment
    Okay this is true for any washable breast pad.  But it’s an important point.  If you’ve been wavering between disposables and washables, ULMas can help you take the jump into washables.
  • Variety of absorbency levels
    Every woman is different.  Most women need breast pads for the first month or so.  Many need them for the first few months.  And some, like me, need them pretty much the whole time we’re nursing. With ULMas, I can have heavier absorbency pads in the beginning and lighter absorbency later on.  Or, I can use the regular absorbency during the day and heavier absorbency at night (though both are thin and can be worn at any point while nursing – day or night).

yellow winter flowers pink w logoWhen I had my first child nearly 8 years ago, I found I needed breast pads continually.  I liked the ease of disposables but not the price or what I was doing to the environment.  I researched washables and bought the best I could find on the market.  Compared to disposables, they were thick, anything but discreet, and would leak.  When my daughter was just 4 months old we moved overseas.  There I met a friend who felt the same about breast pads as me. So we handmade some breast pads for our personal use – out of performance fabric.  I always wished someone would put a product like this on the market but no one ever did.  When I discovered ULMas, I contacted the owner and requested a sample so I could see if they were what I thought and hoped they would be.  I was not disappointed!  I am so excited about these breast pads!

Where can you find ULMas breast pads?  Well, you can order them online and you can also enter to win a free set of 2 pairs of regular and 1 pair of overnight – for a total of 3 washable breast pad sets.  There will be 2 winners.  The contest will run from noon April 10, 2014 – midnight April 20, 2014 EST.  Winners will be notified by email on April 22nd.  (This is a great gift to give to an expecting mama too!)

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Disclaimer:  ULMas provided me with a free demo pack at my request.  I was under no obligation to write a product review or sponsor a giveaway in return for the free sample.  I do not have any vested interest in this product nor do I stand to benefit in anyway if you choose to buy ULMas breast pads.

mamatea Review

mamateabannerWhat could be better than relaxing from the chaos of your busy day than stealing away with your baby for a few moments of tender nursing, cuddles, and melting into your seat with a piping hot cup of tea? What if that cup of tea not only tasted great but could help support and maintain your breast milk supply? Well, that’s exactly what mamatea’s Nursing Mama tea does. A blend of organic fenugreek and rooibos combined with fruit and citrus make for a fabulous-tasting cup of tea that also helps to promote a healthy milk supply.

I tested a two-day sample of this tea and was surprised at how good it tasted. Having lived in Egypt where fenugreek (a common galactagogue) is served like oatmeal, I know how bitter and pungent the raw seeds can be. Nursing Mama Tea was nothing like this; it was hot tea with an infusion of sweetness…a flavor I’d be happy to serve to anyone I had in my home. Not only does Nursing Mama Tea taste great, fenugreek is a proven herb for increasing milk supply (though amounts vary that a woman must take in order to notice a difference). I drank 3 cups a day for 2 ½ days, steeping 1 ½ tsp. in each cup for 10-15 minutes, and I did notice a slight increase in my milk supply. Steeping less time, or drinking fewer cups could help to maintain a mother’s supply, while drinking more and steeping longer could serve to help increase her milk supply.

Nursing-MamaWhether or not you are looking for a tea that helps to support and maintain your milk supply or one to help increase your milk, drinking Nursing Mama Tea could also serve as a stress reliever for new mamas. One thing I have seen time and again through my years of nursing babies is that stress and worry can negatively impact your supply. So, even if it is just a perceived insufficiency of milk supply, having a support such as this tea could be the stress reliever necessary to help a new mom relax and enjoy nursing rather than worrying about whether or not she has enough milk.

Another benefit is the fact that all ingredients are organic, natural, and safe. If it is irradiated, adulterated, or otherwise unsafe it does not go into mamatea. The owner, Kim Roman, a mother herself, has been very helpful to answer my questions and make sure there is a safe, healthy, great-tasting, and beneficial drink for breastfeeding moms.

Though I think this tea tastes fabulous and can serve to support and maintain lactation, I also don’t want to paint it as a panacea for a woman’s milk supply problems. Any milk supply issues a mom is encountering should be talked over with a qualified lactation consultant to ensure an optimal latch and rule out other problems. Additionally, no galactagogue will work without frequent and effective milk removal. Galactagogues should always be secondary to ensuring a good latch and effective nursing. So, while fenugreek tea can certainly aid supply, it should never be a substitute for optimal breastfeeding and seeking qualified help if there are any concerns or issues for either mother or baby.

Where can you find Nursing Mama Tea? Well, you can order it online and you can also enter to win a free tin valued at $14. For a chance to win, enter below. The contest will run from 6:00 p.m. June 21 – midnight June 30, 2013 EST. Winner will be notified by email on July 1.

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Disclaimer: mamatea provided me with a free sample of Nursing Mama 031 tea to sample and review, though I was under no obligation to write a positive review. I was also under no obligation to sponsor a product give away in return for the free sample. I do not have any vested interest in this product nor do I stand to benefit it anyway if you choose to buy mamatea.