Carrying Twins

By Krista Gray, IBCLC. Last updated March 3, 2013.

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Is carrying twins together in a sling possible?

Carrying twins in a sling is not only possible but very practical.  Slinging twins allows you to still have free hands to do housework, cook, or help older siblings.  If your babies fall asleep (and they often do when in a sling next to your heartbeat) it is easy to just let them nap there and continue with what you need to do.  Babies in slings are typically more calm and content and they allow babies to rest more easily if you are out and about during the day.  Though there are many ways to go about slinging your twins, here is what I did when my twins were young.

First Sling – Moby Wrap

Moby Wrap

The stretchy material of a Moby Wrap made an ideal first carrier for twins.

When I brought my babies home from the hospital they were still very small and needed lots of time in skin-to-skin contact with me.  Having an older child (2 ½ at the time) left me with little time to just lie around in bed and hold my twins.  So, I began using a Moby Wrap.  I stripped both boys down to their diaper as well as took off my shirt and wrapped them both in the same wrap.  The stretchiness of the jersey cotton in the Moby Wrap was absolutely perfect for twins.  It would stretch to allow me to fit not just one baby, but two, inside.  After wrapping them I would then put a button up shirt over the wrap (leaving it unbuttoned in the front) so that I didn’t get cold as I walked around the house doing whatever I needed to do.

I also used this wrap to go out of the house (and obviously we were clothed when we did this!) but I spent a lot of time at home during the first couple months with my premature twins.

I stopped using this sling once the boys got so heavy that the stretchy material of the jersey cotton would stretch out too much when I was slinging them and it seemed like they were always sinking lower and lower on me.

Second Sling – Maya Wrap

This method made it easier to take the twins in and out of the sling.

This method made it easier to take the twins in and out of the sling.

As they grew and I got out and about more I loved the convenience and ease of a ring sling.  I could still easily fit both boys inside the same sling, and the Maya Wrap’s cotton was not as stretchy so they didn’t tend to sag and droop down as they had begun to with the Moby Wrap.  The Maya Wrap also provided a great cover if I was out and needed to nurse my twins.

Inside the house, I could easily sling one twin while the other slept or played contentedly.  Though it seemed like one of my boys wanted to be held much more than the other, I did try to hold the other, even if he was happy, when I had an opportunity.  As a mom who loved to carry her babies, I almost always had them in a sling – rather than just my arms – when I was holding them.  This always gave me two free hands to help other children, cook, clean, etc.

Third Sling – 2 Maya Wraps

As my twins grew I carried them in two Maya wraps.

As my twins grew I carried them in two Maya wraps.

Once my boys got so big that it was too much weight on one shoulder with them both in the same wrap, I went to two Maya Wraps.  Slinging one on either shoulder, I still had both hands free while we went out and didn’t have to mess with strollers or lugging car seats.  I also still had free hands to hold my daughter’s as we crossed streets, etc.

Slinging twins and not wanting to have a stroller didn’t leave me with another arm to comfortably carry a diaper bag for any distance.  If I was out with all my children alone, I would simply put the essentials in the zippered pockets on each Maya Wrap – car keys, cell phone, Chap Stick, 2 diapers and wipes.  Everything else I left in the car.  If my daughter needed anything I would sometimes have her carry a little backpack (which she loved to do) with her snack and a toy.

I held my boys like this until they were 18 months old.  My boys had grown up in slings and always loved to be held while attached to me.  Finally, though, I had to admit they were big enough that it was no longer comfortable to carry them together for any length of time.

Fourth Sling – Ergo 

Twins grow up, so I carried one and pushed the other in a stroller.

Twins grow up, so I carried one and pushed the other in a stroller.

By this time, I would alternate which boy I slung, but I would only carry one at a time.  They typically kept track of whose turn it was!  I started out carrying them on my front side but later, upon the urging from my chiropractor, switched to holding them on my back – especially if we were walking longer distances.  I continued to carry by boys this way until their baby brother arrived when they were 3 ½ years old!  While I would occasionally carry one of the twins on my back in the Ergo while carrying their younger brother on my front, the reality of the situation was I usually would just sling the new baby and my boys would walk, jump, and explore rather than ride on “mom’s back.”