10 Ways to Help a New Mom of Twins

By Krista Gray, IBCLC. Last updated March 3, 2013.

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A new mom of twins (or higher order multiples) is going to be very busy during the first year.  No matter how she feeds them, there are two (or more) little babies and this means a lot of work and care.  If she is planning to breastfeed her babies only she can do this – but there are still plenty of ways you can encourage her and help her out.  In fact, encouraging her to breastfeed not only gives her babies a healthy start to life, but also can save her time in the long run by not having to mix formula, clean and sterilize bottles, and still have to juggle holding babies and bottles. . . a feat even more challenging than nursing.

Here are 10 practical ways you can do to help a twin mom:

  1. Change the babies’ diapers and bring them to her for feeds so she doesn’t have to get up and down.
  2. Bring her a drink, snack, remote, book, pillows, and anything else she needs at her “nursing station” so she can relax and be comfortable while nursing her babies.
  3. Cook meals for the freezer that she can easily warm up over the first weeks/months after the babies are born.
  4. Offer to clean house once a week.
  5. Offer to fold laundry or wash & clean bedding once a week.
  6. Offer to grocery shop for her.
  7. Coordinate a rotation for those wanting to help out so she doesn’t have to worry about when to tell others to drop off meals, cook, clean, shop, etc.
  8. Offer to stay at the house for an hour while the babies are sleeping so she can get out and get fresh air, a coffee, etc.
  9. Take her and her babies out together.  Getting out of the house with two (or more) small babies is much less daunting with another’s help!
  10. Ask her what help she needs.  This is the time for her to bond with her new babies and feed them.  As she gets into a rhythm she will naturally find ways she needs help.  Don’t hesitate to ask her what she needs assistance with…and then do it!